Getting the Early Childhood Education

Getting the Early Childhood Education

From the very moment a child is born, one of the foremost considerations for most parents is to plan for their education. Some parents go so far as to get themselves on the registration lists for the top schools years before the child is actually ready to go to school. This in itself underscores the high importance which is accorded to education. But what most parents fail to pay enough attention to is the fact that education in the early years is more important than ever which is why it is important to select the right nursery schools for children too.

Early childhood is considered by experts to be the most crucial stage in the life of any person, particularly when it comes to their physical, emotional and intellectual growth. It has even been proven in scientific research that the highest proportion of learning takes place in the early years, from birth till age six. While the first three years of the child’s life are overwhelmingly influenced by the parents so far as learning is concerned, in the next three years, it is the school, nursery, and kindergarten, which will determine the education and the knowledge the child gains.

In the early years, a child needs to be taught the basics of language and literacy. While parents do begin with speech development and basic literacy, it is in the school that there is a structured approach towards developing the child’s learning. Some of the best new schools for young children have well-designed curriculums that focus on teaching children the starting points for literacy in language, numbers, time, etc.

The foundation for a variety of subjects, including mathematics, science, reading, etc is established in the early years and it is the time to capitalize on these to set children for success in their future in academics as well as for experiential knowledge. It has been argued by many academicians that children who get the benefit of early childhood education tend to not only do better at higher level education than their peers but also adjust better socially to the formal routine of senior classes.

When children get the benefit of early childhood education through a nursery school or a preschool, the result is visible in their future schooling experiences. Because these children are under the supervision of trained teachers and caregivers in the school, learning issues can be identified and mediated early on.

To ensure that young children get effective early childhood education, schools make special provisions in their learning framework, infrastructure as well as the quality of staff and caregivers. Some of the schools also follow the Montessori philosophy which focuses on ensuring the child’s natural development and allowing their creative imagination to flourish.

Early childhood education in leading schools also provides young children with an opportunity to play while they learn. Structured games, pretend play and toys can be effectively used to stimulate the multiple intelligences of children in their growing up years in the nursery schools. These games and toys not only develop the social skills of children but also help in the development of their emotional skills, language skills, motor skills, and their imaginations.

Early childhood education is also the stepping stone for the later years of formal education for a child and it is imperative that when parents select a preschool or a nursery school for their little one, they should ensure that their child gets the advantage of the best curriculum in their formative years so they can grow up to be successful and future-ready global citizens. Give them the advantage of the best nursery schools for a bright future.  

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