10 Ways to Help Your Child Adapt to Learning at Home

10 Ways to Help Your Child Adapt to Learning at Home

The transition of a student from a traditional school to an online learning mode might be not that easy after all. It is normal for your child to take some time to adjust to this new mode of learning from home. While some students have the ability to adapt quickly, but others need a longer time period to go through the transition phase.

There are times when even a confident child, who is sorted in his mind, can even find it difficult to adjust fully to learning at home. Students who have been victims of any sort of social injustice can also take a while to overcome the past trauma. So, they take their own time to get accustomed to this new form of the learning system. There are some students who need to start right from scratch in order to develop a fresh interest in studies.


Here is a list of 10 ways to help your child adapt to learning at home:

Allow your child to take some time to adjust

Do not make your child rush through the topics just when he has started his online course. Let him take his own sweet time to get accustomed to this new learning mode. It is normal for him to take time as he has switched gears just recently. He shall certainly need to build up momentum in time. Though the online school course might be similar to the conventional school course, there is a lot of difference between the systems of learning. So, give your child the time he requires to get comfortable with the new education system.


Maintain a pleasant and peaceful ambiance

A positive and healthy study environment is what online learners seek for when they study from their homes. Make sure that the balcony space or other rooms near the study room are not that noisy. This maintains a peaceful ambiance that is much required for the online learner to concentrate on his coursework. Being parents, you should maintain a positive attitude in the first place. Your children look up to you. They certainly need to be positive themselves to remain motivated.


Build up a flexible study schedule

Do not make the mistake of shaping up a rigid or loaded schedule. Keep it breathable so that there is enough room to make amendments! You never know when you might have to take a day off due to some emergency or some important occasion. In that case, you need to make little changes in your schedule and resume back your studies as per the schedule.


Talk to your children on a regular basis

Being parents, you need to honor the differences and similarities that feel most important to your child. After all, it is a new approach to learning. You certainly can poke them or remind them from time to time so that they move ahead of their schedule. But, do not put much pressure on them. Else he shall find no difference between his previous traditional school setting and the current one. Make the environment relaxing for him and encourage him to blurt out all his queries, doubts or insecurities.


Remind the reasons for yourself that made you choose online learning

You can make a list of all of the things that led you to take this journey. You can do it in the presence of your child and discuss it out with him. In fact, you can have a light conversation on this every month in order to keep your child driven. Certain days you might feel low when things do not work out as per you thought. In such situations, look at the list to remember and regain your lost confidence.

Let your child take the ownership

Do not spoon-feed your child. Let him take the responsibility of handling his schedule. In the initial stage, you might poke him or guide him. But after a considerable amount of time passes, let him take the ownership of his own academics. In fact, give him as much ownership as possible. You can even invite your child to list the things that are most important to them to have as a part of their homeschooling or online schooling experience. This shall inculcate a sense of responsibility and self-reliability, shaping up his overall personality.


Encourage your child to take breaks in between

Studying for continuous hours is not a healthy habit. Make sure your child takes intermittent breaks, but small ones. These breaks shall help him to refresh his mind and body amidst the hectic schedule. Make sure he does not skip the breakfast or lunch. Also, special time needs to be allocation for a nap as well as leisure. In fact, here is when time-management skills come into play.

Short breaks are much needed to buffer the building stress. Rest and Relaxation are as important as working. In case your child is badly addicted to the social media, you might take little measures to cut down the time he spends on those sites. Monitor regularly if required. In fact, during breaks encourage your child to go off-screen!

Encourage your child to be transparent

Transparency is very important in this context. Often the child might be too shy in the beginning to address certain concerns directly to their online teachers. So, encourage them to blurt those out to you at least. You can address the same to the teachers then and seek solutions. Allow your child to talk frankly about their insecurities or fears. Do not be harsh on them.


Be in touch with other homeschooling communities

Certain times you might need some kind of mental support yourself being a parent. You need to find someone to lean on and share your feelings. You certainly need like-minded support. So, you can look at social media for other homeschooling groups and lists.


Keep it light and positive

Last but not the least; maintain a light and positive attitude normally, especially when you are around your child. Your child is likely to follow your example while moving ahead in his/her course. Do not create a panicky situation if you have a choice to remain positive!


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