10 Best Educational Websites for Students

10 best educational websites for students

In the rat race of scoring good marks, students have forgotten the essence of learning. Learning can get exhausting and unproductive if not done with interest.

There are certain websites online which can stir up the interest in learning and make education fun. 

So here is the list of best educational website you must try.

  1. Subjectcoach.com
    Subject Coach tops the list of the best educational website available online. It can enhance students’ knowledge with thousands of quizzes, videos, and games the site provides. If you need guidance on a particular subject, you can find a tutor near you through this site. Studying gets easier when aided with visual equipment, and thus they provide thousands of video courses for studies. You can also increase your speed with their worksheet generators. 

     Not only is it beneficial for students but also tutors and course provides. Tutors and course providers can build online courses and set up online academies to help students with their curriculum.

    subject coach

  2. MentalFloss
    Mental Floss is filled with educational contents which are presented in a fun way to keep the reader hooked thoroughly. It is a very efficient online education website as they cover almost every educational content. Students need to know about their environment as it increases their general knowledge and Mental Floss has all such interesting topics. 

    Mental Floss has topics ranging from history, science, architecture, archaeology, animals, and language to travel, holidays, food, and entertainment. Moreover, it has exciting quizzes and amazing facts. 

    mental floss

  3. UnplugTheTV

    Nowadays, most of the children waste their precious time watching random TV shows that profits them nothing in the long run. That is what this website replaces. It gives the same joy of watching TV but providing videos which enhance their intelligence and general knowledge. 

    Primary sources of the content are either from educational or inspirational organizations. It is not like other video streaming platforms as this website filters and shows only educational and mind-opening materials which is beneficial for the students. So instead of TV, you should watch UnplugTheTV

    unplug the tv

  4. Edx.org
    There is no course topic that edX doesn’t provide. The major highlight and credibility of this online education website come from the fact that it was founded by the major universally acclaimed universities and has global eminent institutions as their partners. They contain contents from topics such as engineering, marketing, business and management, humanities, computer science, data, and statistics. It offers high-quality course learning and provides a platform to explore how students learn and how the faculty can teach with innovative techniques and tools. If you want to connect to the best institutions, you must try this site.  
  5. Scholastic
    Reading is closely related to the growth and personality of a child and so is the choice of books. Scholastic has always provided reading materials that can keep the old and the young engaged. Scholastic books and educational materials are incorporated in schools worldwide. Students can browse through the description of all the books, games, and videos and choose from their favourite categories. The genres, age limit, and authors names are provided in the description. When it comes to student’s novels and books, scholastic is indisputably the best website out there. 
  6. Crayola

    A child shows interest in art even before he goes to school. Children find drawings and artwork very fascinating, and it can indeed teach them a lot about various topics. And the best place to make learning fun through art is Crayola. It contains several ideas to support creative teaching and learning for every grade making it one of the best creative online educational website. 

    Crayola contains everything from lesson plans to professional development. It takes creativity quite seriously, and if you are looking for a site that makes learning fun and easy, you must try this site.


  7. Wordsmyth

    Every student has faced difficulties with spellings and puzzles. While dictionaries offer only the literal meaning of words, Wordsmyth deal with a lot more things. Not only does it serve as an online dictionary but also puzzle solutions such as the anagram and crossword puzzle solutions. 

    They have a separate children’s dictionary which contains all the essential words a child must know from topic ranging from the human body, economy, government, law, communication, world, environment, history and culture. Moreover, it has glossary maker and quiz makers like the matching quiz, multiple choice quiz, and the fill-in maker.

  8. Funbrain.com
    Funbrain makes learning fun through games, books, videos, and comics. It contains materials for kids up to the eighth grade which develops their reading and problem-solving ability along with covering topics such as math. Moreover, their user-friendly UI makes it possible to search exactly what you are looking for with ease. So if you are looking for a site which focuses on providing students with fun and safe educational materials, then you should give Funbrain a try.
    fun brain
  9. Highlightskids.com
    Highlights kids primarily is a website which provides magazines for kids up to an age of twelve serving as an online education website. Other than the magazines it contains games, puzzles, and quizzes. One of the unique things that this website offers that other educational sites don’t provide is jokes! These jokes help the kids learn about many things as the jokes are selected according to the age group and also turn out to be educating. Highlights kids also contains crafts and recipes bringing out the student’s creativity and innovation out. 
    highlight kids
  10. Rhcbooks
    Random House focuses on books and novels which can improve the student’s vocabulary and reading interest which are divided according to the ages. There are four categories. First for babies and toddlers (up to 3 years), second the beginners (4 to seven years), third the intermediate readers (8 to 12 years), and forth the young adults (12 years and above. It is useful not only for the students but by anybody who has a keen interest in books. So go ahead and try this site.

So this was the list of 10 best educational websites for students. You can incorporate them into your learning routing to make learning easy and fun. 

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