Tips Using Your Drill Press When Working with Metal: Essential Guide for Craftsmen

Tips Using Your Drill Press When Working with Metal: Essential Guide

Everybody from engineers and artists, to carpenters and welders, need to make holes in certain materials from time to time during their work.

These materials can include wood, metal, rubber, leather, or anything that takes a bit of time to make a hole in by hand. As it relates to using a drill press when working with metal, one would need a more heavy-duty drill press, but regular drill presses can be used by any sober adult who follows all the safety guidelines.

Drill presses come in a variety of sizes, qualities, power and drilling capacity, however, they all usually work in the same way. With adjustable speeds and switchable drill bits, they can be adjusted to suit whatever material that is being drilled to produce accurate results.

It is no secret that metal is one of the hardest materials to drill into. And, in order to help you to get better results whilst keeping yourself safe, we have combined a list of tips to help you to use your drill press when working with metal:


There are many drill presses to choose from on the market today. To choose the right drill press, identify your needs, your budget and compare the ones that fit these criteria to choose the perfect fit for you.


This step should be pretty obvious for beginners. Even if you have used a drill press before in the past, it is important that you read the manual, especially before beginning to use the drill press when working with metal.  The manufacturer will provide you with all the information you need to know in order to use this machine properly and safely.


Drill presses can be dangerous especially when used by someone who has not read the manual or who disregards basic safety rules. Taking safety precautions help to keep you, and even the persons around you safe.

The first thing you should consider is your clothing. Are all the delicate parts of your body such as your eyes covered? You will need some heavy duty safety glasses to keep your eyes safe as drilling holes can send chips flying all over the place.

Your hands and fingers should not only be covered, but they should be kept a suitable distance away from the drill bit. This is to avoid getting them caught in the bit and doing painful and irreversible damage.


Keeping your work area clear should be a given, but sometimes when there is a lot of work to do, we allow chips to build up. For your own safety, clear the work area regularly to prevent chips from obstructing your view and your work.


Choosing the right size bit is important as the wrong ones can make the job harder than it needs to be or even damage the equipment. For thicker, more resistant materials such as metal, you will need special bits to get the job done. And, for larger holes, you will need larger bits.​


In order to maintain your drill press, you will have to lubricate it in order to keep it running smoothly and running for a long time. Moving parts such as the chuck need to be lubricated frequently in order to reduce friction.

You will also need to change the drill press belts when they have worn out. If you fail to do so, this will result in wobbling and even damage over time. After each use, to keep your drill press looking new, you may also use a paintbrush to buff your drill bits.

Buying a drill press is an investment. And, if you follow these rules, you will find that your drill press lasts even longer than others. You will get more for your dollars whilst keeping yourself safe and never having to worry about botching a job!

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