7 Creative Things to do with your Vinyl Cutters

7 Creative Things to do with your Vinyl Cutters

Today, vinyl has become one of the most used and popular materials when it comes to designs especially in arts, imaging, and craft work. And to help to make this crafts a vinyl cutting machine is very helpful for a hobbyist like you. Vinyl cutting machine has come with a different variety of shapes and sizes that are both ideal for business and personal use.

Vinyl for your art craft

In today's times, vinyl is considered as the most versatile manmade plastic in the world. Vinyl is a type of PVC materials that has many different variations depending on its properties most especially the weight and texture. It is also widely used as home decoration, car branding, and printing on various items.

In cutting vinyl for your crafts, it needs an electronic gadget called vinyl cutting machine. And whether you use vinyl cutters for your hobby or business, it is important that you have your favorite vinyl cutters at your side while doing your masterpiece.

Vinyl Cutters

Back in the days, vinyl cutters started as a heavy duty device and commonly found in industry. And as technology advances, vinyl cutters become smaller and easier to own for a hobbyist like you.

Nowadays, you can get to choose from different variations of vinyl cutting machine depending on your needs. We listed below some cool ways to use your vinyl cutters.

7 creative ways to use vinyl cutters

1. Outdoor Signboards

Vinyl is very ideal to use in making outdoor signage for directions and various hazards. There are different types of heat-resistant vinyl that you can use in making outdoor and indoor signage.

2. Car Accessories

You can make a lot of vinyl cut accessories for your car. It can be a message sticker or decorative shapes that can add a view to your car.

3. Home Decor Vinyl Letterings

Spice up your home with those big font cut-outs. You can customize signage and mount them on the door of each room. You can even make motifs for your children's bedroom. You can use custom lettering cut-outs printed in a different variety of vinyl. Self-Adhesive vinyl is a very ideal type to use for your vinyl letterings.

4. Customized name giveaways

If you want to make a personalized giveaway for your child's party, you can print cool stickers and sticker labels for your give-aways. Every kid would love to have their name printed on the vinyl, right?

5. Cool T-shirt prints

Who wouldn't love heat transfer vinyl? Making prints on the t-shirt is very popular nowadays. In fact, you can make a personalize t-shirt prints business with these vinyl cutting machine. By using vinyl, it produces good quality and durable prints that outlive the beauty of printed fabrics.

6. Paper Crafts

Who says that you can only use vinyl cutters for vinyl plastics only? The vinyl cutting machine is also ideal to use in cutting your paper crafts. One of the best examples to use this is for making personalized greeting cards. In addition, it is also ideal to use in making stencils for different purposes.

7. Laptops and Phone Decorative covers

Do you want to give your personal accessories a new look? You can make this vinyl decal item for decorative purposes or corporate branding. You can even save your electronic gadgets by using silkscreen labels.

What is the quality of the best vinyl cutter?

If you are going to buy your vinyl cutting machine and a newbie, chances are you may make a wrong decision. So we also listed some of the qualities that you should look for in a vinyl cutter.

7 Buying a Vinyl Cutter Checklist

  1. Drive motors: Stepper or Servo

  2. Tracking

  3. Tangential emulation

  4. Contour and Perf Cutting

  5. Smart Blade Landing

  6. Media Pre-Feed

  7. Warranty coverage

There are many things that you can do with your vinyl cutters. You only just need a good quality vinyl cutter machine together with lots of your creativity. And Viola, you can now start up your own business or making vinyl crafts as a hobby.

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