A Simple Guide to UX/UI Design

UX/UI design

Web design is a skill that many people wish to know and acquire in their career advancement. It is a learning process that you can acquire and practice. So here is a Simple Guide to UX/UI Design.

Familiarize Yourself with UI principles

Any practice or skill has its own principles to follow in order to give an end result that is complete. The world of design is a world of creativity that uses certain principles to bring creativity to life. Some of the basic principles include;

  • principles of design; color. Involves learning the use of color in web design, color vocabulary and the psychology of colors. The influence of colors on our perception is not at all obvious and often subconscious making it one of the more difficult elements to study, for instance, studies have shown that orange pills have better effect as a stimulant than other colors. 
  • principle of design; balance- you can use symmetry to create a certain design where there is a distribution of elements that look the same. Asymmetry, on the other hand, is the absence of symmetry. It consists of an element that is distributed unevenly. Designers can use this principle to portray dynamism or movement.
  • principle of design contrast; the contrast in design can be used to build a certain hierarchy and focus, organize information.
  • typography; it involves learning how to use and choose certain fonts for readability purposes of text on the web.
  • consistency; it is the most important principle and involves making elements behave the same.

UX Creative Process

The next step is learning the creative process of UI /UX design. It consists of four phases.

  1. Discover - where the project starts by researching, getting inspiration and collecting ideas
  2. Define - at this stage the idea discovered is defined and designers give different creativity to narrow down to a clear creative brief.
  3. Develop - in this phase is a trial stage where the concepts are prototype and tested. Helps designers to note areas of improvements and refine the idea.
  4. Delivery - final stage where the project is produced and launched.

Eye For Design

As a designer, you have to learn how to identify good and bad designs and note the weaknesses and strengths of the design. This is known as 'eye for design.' The best way to attain these capabilities is by inspiration. Do research, look at other designs and creativity will start loading. You can also look at how other designers are doing if you find something that you will need to incorporate in your design note it down. In the end, you will have a file of inspiration to start your own design.

Reading Design Material

Reading is the best way to familiarize with design. From articles to books, the internet helps us to know about the latest trends in design. After acquiring the skill, practice. Practice will help us improve and understand the process and stages to design a good project with ease. Designing fake projects for fun and informative. Frequent reading will help you latest web design tools to help you in the design process. example, sketch, figma, Marvell app and so on. 

Get Mentored

Learning design is not a lonely process. You can find a designer friend who will help you through the process. Having a mentor with you is a great advantage as it speeds up your learning process. They review your work answer your questions give you tricks here and there that they have acquired in their experience. Also, you can share what you have learnt and mentor someone and you can still go through other designers creative projects and get inspired.

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