Why You Should Not Have a TV in Your Bedroom


Your bedroom is your sanctum. It is where you sleep, read, relax, and participate in numerous other activities. For many people, their bedroom is also where they entertain themselves by watching television and movies. While it is a plausible argument that having a TV in your bedroom can augment your bedroom experience, there are so many reasons why you should not have one that it seems almost ludicrous to have one. Besides the lack of intimacy that you unfortunately gain by having a TV in your bedroom, there are also many other factors that are affected.  Below is a list of reasons why you should not have a TV in your bedroom:


Better Sleep

Having a TV in your bedroom makes it much simpler for you to casually watch programs and not think about other potential activities that could be occupying your time. While it may be easy to slip into this cycle, your mood will actually increase if you do not have a TV in your bedroom. This increase in mood mainly stems from getting better sleep, which is bound to happen if you do not have a TV in your bedroom. There are a myriad of reasons that you will sleep better after getting rid of your TV. The main reason is the fact that TVs emit light, which tricks your body into thinking that it is not night time, and your body will be less prepared for bed, ultimately making your sleep worse.


Increased Intimacy

If you share a bed with your spouse or partner, odds are you spend a lot of time watching TV in bed together. It is understandable, being that it is a casual activity that keeps both of you occupied and you do not have to interact much. By getting rid of the TV in your bedroom, you and your partner will have more time to spend together for conversing as well as heightening the frequency of times you are intimate with one another. Instead of spending money on a new or bigger TV for your bedroom, you can buy softer sheets, better blankets and pillows, and have the ability to truly enjoy one another’s intimate company.


Decreased Energy Bills

Rising costs of energy in the United States is a major problem that affects all people. While in the past, you may have had more money to spend on electricity, gas, and other home-related bills, the economy is not what it used to be. It has been weakened and your extra television watching while in bed is definitely contributing to the problem. While it may not seem like much if you are just watching an hour of TV every night before bed, you will end up using your TV more than 30 hours extra per month! Not only can this hurt your relationships and your health, but it will also end up costing you a lot more money on your energy bills. By cutting that hour or two a night of TV out of your life, you will be saving money in no time.


Final Thoughts

It may not be abnormal to have a TV in your bedroom, but it definitely should be, and will be less common in the future. Having a TV in your bedroom may seem like it is the ultimate way to relax, but it really can prove to be quite problematic. Not only will you find yourself, healthier, having a better relationship with your partner, and decreasing your energy bills if you get rid of the TV from your bedroom, but you will also be a happier and more well-adjusted human being. 

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