Top 5 Tools to Boost Your Team Collaboration

Team collaboration

There is no doubt that collaboration can potentially make any business better. According to a particular study, it was found that collaboration fosters teamwork, enhances creative partnership and enhances the employee morale. What's more, the same research concludes that collaborative teams are perhaps more likely to identify and implement concepts that blend well with their target customer group. Collaboration in work environment typically is made up of organizations and people that are largely diverse and autonomous both in terms of the operating environment and culture but work holistically to ensure common organizational goals are achieved.

With more than 75% of companies rating collaboration and teamwork as critical components of success, you have every reason to try and seek ways of enhancing collaboration in your organization. Organizations are finding it extremely difficult to foster and maintain team collaboration within a particular department and across the entire workplace. The question now becomes, how do you avoid the ever-present collaboration obstacles such as strategy alignment, priority management, lack of transparency, poor communication and lack of self-belief to create a friendly and supportive work environment?

Thankfully, the evolution of advanced technologies now makes it reasonably easier for organizations to boost collaboration. To be more precise, there are a number of useful team management tools which organizations can use to enhance communication among its staff members, delegate responsibilities, share content, prioritize tasks and hold each employee accountable. So today in this particular post, we are going to discuss in excruciating details, the seven best proven and practical tools that both large and small companies can use to enhance collaboration.

5. Google Document

This is a powerful tool that lets multiple users work on the same document or project at the same time. As a collaboration tool, Google Docs is free and easily accessible and is a pain-free way for workers in a particular department to get started with online teamwork. Much can be done and achieved through this tool. It is imperative to note that team members should first take the initiative to understand how to collaborate on Google Docs, Slides and Sheets in a manner that maximizes their overall productivity.

Employees working on a particular project can take advantage of Google Docs collaboration features to develop plans, share ideas and pass along relevant information and files. Apparently, this approach makes it virtually possible for departmental team members to access drafts and perhaps every updated information or assignment. Simply put, Google collaboration tools can help to enhance transparency since the workers in different departments can access each other's work. What's more, employees have the privilege to share their expertise and build lasting work relationships as opposed to competing against one another.

4. Asana

Created in 2008, this effective and useful task management tool has proven its worth among organizations seeking to take their collaborative task management to the next level. Thanks to its potential benefits, Asana is currently being used by more than 25,000 paying clients, including a number of high-profile companies across the globe.

Unlike full-featured task management tools, this tool employs a more minimalistic approach to avoid feature overload and enhance the much-needed ease of use. Simply put, it offers a flexible framework which can be used by all employees across an organization. At a standard level, this cloud-based software allows by employees within an organization to track and manage the progress of ongoing projects. Equally, teams of a particular department can create and add tasks, assign them to team members, provide feedback and share important files and set the deadline dates for completion. It is a useful tool that every organization seeking to enhance collaboration must have.

3. ProofHub

ProofHub is a typical task management tool that organizations can use to manage their tasks and monitor remote teams and clients regardless of how complex or significant the projects are. It boasts of powerful collaborative and task management features that can potentially help any organization to realize its goals. With this app at your disposal, your clients, teams as well as all the project communication are stored in one place. It is an important software that makes it easy for a company to create plans and objectives, collaborate with employees and clients and keep documents organized and projects completed and delivered on time.

Specially designed to simplify the way a team works, DaPulse allows you to communicate with your team members easily, manage your workloads and celebrate success! It has lots of impressive and useful features that let you track everything your team is working on, add tasks and projects and communicate with your team in context quite easily.

It is the easiest and the most colourful way to organize your team. Typically, it combines communication and task management tools into a simple and easy-to-use interface. It is imperative to note that this team building platform is specifically designed to facilitate real-time collaboration by making nearly all aspects of tasks, due dates, team assignments as well as statuses transparent. It enables team managers to evaluate their team's bandwidth, see who's occupied and who's not and ensure every group meets the set deadlines.

2. Redbooth

Here is another incredible project management tool designed for teams to get their best work done and completed on time. It features an intuitive design and is filled with features that allow your team to plan and track an ongoing assignment. As a manager, it gives you an opportunity to delegate responsibilities to your team with the transparency of statuses and tasks. It is an easy-to-use application that every team member can use.

1. TruEdit

TruEdit is arguably the best collaborative and task management software that allows teams to manage tasks and projects from planning, creating to publishing. With it at your disposal, various teams in your organization can work together on multiple projects anytime and anywhere while tracking the status as well as the progress of the tasks at hand. What's more, this tool simplifies and automates the whole process of content creation, enhancing both the productivity and efficiency in marketing-oriented firms. It is a feature-packed platform that simplifies both the content creation process and workflow management. Whether you are seeking production intelligence, multichannel publishing, content production or workflow collaboration, TruEdit is the way to go.

These collaborative and task management tools can help any organization out there to achieve its goals. They can help your teams to delegate tasks and projects, track major developments, enhance teamwork and boost overall productivity.

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