Perfect Sailing Spots On The Croatian Coast

Sailing In Croatia

The Croatian coast is comprised of miles of pristine sandy beaches, dense greenery and pleasant sunshine. It is a piece of heaven on earth, where the playful waves of the Adriatic Sea gently embrace the warm sand, creating a terrain so beautiful that thousands of visitors rush to these idyllic spots each year. The calm waters of the Adriatic Sea are ideal for water sports and are also perfect for sailing, making the Croatian islands a nautical haven for sailing enthusiasts. Floating from one breathtaking island to another is the perfect way to explore the natural diversity of this region. Each Croatian island is a unique gem with a distinct history, culture, and wildlife. However, there are some sublime sailing spots that one should definitely visit while cruising through the Adriatic waters on the Croatian coast.


Galesnjak is an uninhabited desert island located on the Pasman Channel of the Adriatic Sea. Although this island is not rich in vegetation and does not have any amenities, it is still extremely popular among couples due to its unique shape. From a bird's eye view, the shape of this island resembles a heart, which is the reason for its popularity as the Lover's Island. Galesnjak does not have much to offer in terms of architecture or wildlife, but the pebble beaches are perfect for relaxing and swimming. The absence of hotels implies that you cannot really spend the night here, therefore it is a great place to stop by when you are passing through the Pasman Channel on a sailboat. Do drop your anchor here to experience the serene, romantic charm of this island.


Hvar is one of the most famous Dalmatian islands, which is frequented by tourists to indulge in its nightlife and to marvel at the stunning architecture of the local fortress and cathedral. The ample sunshine creates the perfect climatic conditions for the local olive trees and lavender fields to flourish. You can sail around the Paklinski islands, which are relatively less crowded and well-known for the gorgeous lush forests and deserted lagoons. Make sure to taste the locally brewed sparkling wine before you cruise away from this beautiful island. A quick stop at Vrboska, the Little Venice of this region, is also highly recommended.


Ciovo is a tiny Croatian island which is as popular for its beautiful beaches as it is for its vineyards and almond plantations. The architecture of this region dates back to the 15th century. The Dominican Monastery and the village churches are fine examples of the construction style from that era. The island is more densely vegetated towards the North, with cypress and pine trees covering huge portions of the landscape. Being a smaller island that is not heavily populated, Ciovo has retained a rustic charm that is hard to preserve at tourist spots. This island is ideal for spending a relaxed day by the beach or walking through the villages to visit the local convents. There are a few shipyards and harbors that can be used as docking points.


The island of Lastovo is yet another preserved jewel of the Adriatic region that was cordoned off for five decades, due to being the location of a military base. The island has recently opened its gates again to tourists, and it is gathering a lot of attention from culture lovers who want to soak in the enchanting history of the place. You can drop off your sailboat at one of the sheltered anchorages, provided along the coast, to enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty of this region. If you are there in time for the carnival season, then you will be able to witness brightly clad locals celebrating their folk traditions. The churches and magnificent chimneys of this island display the architecture of the past, while the fresh seafood is an unparalleled gastronomical delight.


A cruise along the Croatian coast is incomplete without making a stop at the island of Brac. The most popular tourist attraction is the golden beach of Zlatni Rat, that juts out into the brilliant blue waters like a horn-shaped projection. One can bask in the splendid sunshine or participate in water sports such as kayaking, water skiing, and parasailing. The southern part of the island offers several activities and provisions for the tourists, whereas the northern part provides a taste of the local culture. Milna is a harbor village on Brac where most tourist boats are docked. It is a quaint fishing village with tiny houses and spectacular churches. Tourists must also visit the town of Skrip to understand the historical aspects of the island, all of which are showcased at the local museum.

Croatia is known as a country with a long and strong boat building tradition. So when you are renting from local catamaran charter agencies, you are guaranteed to get a well-built vessel. So you can have all your focus on enjoying in natural beauties of the Adriatic Sea on the coast of Croatia. Have fun!

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