How Strategic Tax Planning Can Help You Reduce Your Tax Bill

Tax planning strategies

Streamlining your financial matters while dealing with taxes can benefit you in the long-run. Individuals, as well as businesses, can use strategic tax planning to help reduce their tax bill. Planning everything well before the year ends gives you ample time; letting tax matters pile up will not only cause stress. Mismanagement and lack of planning make it difficult for you to focus on your taxes.

Constantly Changing Tax laws

If you are a business owner, you should know that tax laws keep on changing and can be very complex at times. Dealing with taxes not only wears you out but it also puts you at risk of being accused of tax evasion. Staying vigilant and well informed certainly helps. Business taxes are one of the most complex expenses tackled by small businesses on an iterative, annual basis. To handle business taxes, the best practice is to stay on your toes and adjust with the constantly shifting tax laws.

Strategic Tax Planning: Characteristics

  1. Keeping track of your expenses

The foremost feature of strategic tax planning is keeping track of your expenses; by knowing exactly how much you are spending; you can calculate the amount of payable tax. Many online tools exist which can assist you in recording itemized financial expenditures such as personal property taxes, state and local taxes, expenses for health care and mortgage interest.

   2. Prioritizing your Goals

Managing taxes can be tricky. Even if you are doing your tax planning in the headspace of a business owner, you are also planning it on an individual basis subconsciously. This helps in saving money by minimizing income taxes and to grow your business. The goal is to minimize taxes; the most effective way to achieve this is by planning your taxes strategically. It is important to remember that effective tax planning is about wealth management. Prioritize your tax planning goals by analyzing your finances and staying vigilant.

    3. Increase Your Tax Deductions

One key tax planning strategy is to keep track of your itemized expenses throughout the year using a spreadsheet or personal finance program. Take the higher of your standard deduction.

Once you’ve made a few changes to your taxable income, you are ready to focus on various tax credits. Tax credits reduce your taxable income. There are tax credits for college expenses, for retirement saving, and for adopting children.

   4. Donating highly appreciated stock to charity

Many wealthy people hold significant amounts of their wealth in highly appreciated investments however, some people especially tax-savvy folks donate their stocks to the charitable organizations. They receive tax deductions for the full amount of the stock donated but that’s not all. The biggest benefit is that they do not have to pay all of the capital gains that would be due if they merely sold the stock and then donated the proceeds.

  5. Which deductions you should be tracking

Personal property taxes are ones you should keep your eyes on. Although online programs like QuickBooks and Mint may seem like user-friendly programs, it is advised to consult with experienced tax planners. Trying to sort your taxes on your own can be cumbersome and even a tiny error can result in catastrophic outcomes.

Developing your strategic planning process becomes easy when you are aware of all the available tax credits. Tax refund occurs when the earned income tax is used by a number of taxpayers even if your total tax is reduced to zero. Increasing withholdings can also help ease out your tax obligations. However, effective planning can only be done with the help of service providers. Experience and professionalism play a key role when dealing with taxes.

An experienced and qualified financial planning company can help individuals and business owners optimize their wealth by providing effective tax planning strategies. It is recommended by the experts to visit online websites of professional tax and financial planners to decide which company and service to choose. 

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