How to Choose the Professional Espresso Machine for Office

How to Choose the Professional Espresso Machine for Office

We all love to start our day with a hot cup of coffee because getting that boost in the morning through coffee is essential. This is why professional coffee and espresso machines are so popular. There are several types of coffee and various types of coffee machines. With so many options available in the market, it is inevitable to avoid confusion and pick the best brewing system for your workplace. 

Various Types of Coffee

Espresso Drinks :

Espresso is made from ground coffee or a capsule, relying on the machine you have.

  • Cappuccino:- They are the most popular type of coffee of all. Cappuccino has three layers. These are a shot of espresso, a shot of hot milk, and a creamy milk layer. 
  • Latte:- A latte is a milk coffee that possesses a silky layer of froth as a real highlight to the drink. It consists of steamed or scalded milk and a shot of coffee.
  • Americano:- It is a very simple and loved coffee. It is brewed by adding steamed water to espresso coffee. 

Different types of coffee can be brewed through a variety of coffee machines. However, particular systems are dedicated to an office environment. 

Different Type of Coffee Machines for your office :

If you have a coffee machine at home, it may be a great choice, but it will not be ideal for your workspace. It is why it is crucial to pick wisely. Here are some best coffee machines for your office. 

  • Espresso Machines Pods:- Everyone loves a shot of espresso. Even a cup of espresso will keep you active on the most hectic day, and it feels incredible. The espresso machine boils water through some ground coffee. Then, it filters it to get the final drink. Espresso has a little brewing time than regular coffee. However, it gives them great joy of enjoying coffee. You can buy this type of machine to brew various coffee like cappuccinos, Mocha, Americano, Flat-white, and lattes.


  • Coffee Pots:- Coffee pots, also known as drip brew coffee makers, are very popular and for a good reason. They are an ideal pick for an office environment. Because in a pot, you can make several cups of coffee in a single go. It will save your employees time. They can hold more than ten cups of coffee. They are often made of stainless steel, glass, or durable plastic. They are equipped with filters, so the coffee has a superior taste and is perfectly safe to drink. They are an amazing fit for the big businesses that has a lot of employees drinking coffee on a given day. So, purchase the type of coffee brewing machine to serve ground coffee and freshly ground. 


  • Single Cup Coffee Makers:- Coffee makers that deliver a single cup of coffee have their own benefit. Everyone wants to drink fresh premium coffee just the way they want them. These types of coffee makers are in various shapes and sizes, but most machines feature capsules. It makes brewing coffee very easy. Moreover, your employees can choose the exact flavor they feel like drinking that day. You will find espresso machines in this category that will also brew a latte or a cappuccino with ease. They are convenient to use and start brewing coffee with the touch of a button. Some coffee machines come with such great features to fully replace a coffee shop. 


  • Super Automatic:- You don’t need skill or much patience to make your favorite coffee with one of these machines. Just click on the right button, and the machine will brew your coffee. You can go from bean to cup with the touch of a button. You can brew a creamy cup of coffee from a good semi-automatic machine, but you skip the learning curve and the hassle since super-automatic machines normally dump the used grounds into an internal waste container. You may need enough counter space and a budget. 

There is no great way to start your day and to liven up the break room than to install a commercial coffee maker. It's not only going to keep everyone in high spirits and energetic but allow people to bond in the office. 

  • Mocha:- It is a regular latte with chocolate syrup added to it. Sometimes whipped cream is added to it. 
  • Flat White:- It is prepared by adding hot milk over a shot of espresso. 
  • Espresso:- It is a small but strong drink. It strongly wakes you up on a rainy day. It is usually brewed with a dedicated espresso machine.

Drip Coffee :

  • Pod Coffee:- These types of coffee types cover a wide range of coffees. Pods are simple to operate and give you the choice of drinking flavored coffee. 
  • Ground Coffee:- Ground coffee is popular for its organic taste. It is made from ground beans. 

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