7 Skills a Modern Businessperson Must Encourage in Themself and Their Team

How will your company keep up with the rapid pace of digital change? Every business needs smart technology to stay competitive. But it's seldom as simple as purchasing and installing the latest hardware or software. 

Today's employees must have the ability to embrace technical change. In addition to job skills, successful digital transformation also takes certain personal traits. 

Here are some abilities you should seek to develop in your workforce and in yourself.

1. Willing to Learn 

Given the rate of digital change, even the most common digital tools and skills will see changes. Software companies are introducing endless changes to their code, or releasing entirely new systems. This holds true in every aspect of business. 

People at every level, from management to general workers, need to get used to the idea of keeping their skills up-to-date. Those unwilling or unable to adapt get left behind. 

It's important that every resume, and every job description, reflect the skills that are currently in demand. 

2. Value the Human Aspect 

Implementing technology also requires an understanding of how humans will interact it with it. Successful digital initiatives come from those who understand the nuances of choosing technologies that will further the mission yet fit the workforce.


The right technology can boost efficiency, identify new opportunity, and transform company culture. 

These digital solutions must have the support of management and workers or they'll be slow to adopt them, or may even resist the change. That means lower value and the potential for employee dissatisfaction. In order to prevent disruption, technology adapts to the workforce, and not the reverse. 

This ensures a smoother and faster digital transformation.

3. Building Trust 

Companies today find that both consumers and employees have less confidence in business leaders. There's the perception that any company is focused on profits, which leads to rising prices and cutbacks on labor and services.


While everyone understands the importance of meeting financial goals, losing public trust means losing business. 

Technology plays a key part in establishing trust. Social media, marketing, and online reviews are often the only knowledge consumers have of your company, while data breaches and identity theft are constant threats. Companies must make cyber security issues and technical support a central part of operations, while at the same time gathering feedback from all sides to make suitable adjustments in strategy. 

Both employees and consumers who feel more connected to your company will exhibit greater loyalty.


4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Smart applications are tech that every company should consider adding to their IT infrastructure. Machine learning enables computers to improve their own performance without the need for reprogramming and human intervention. It makes automation possible at a level never imagined a couple of generations ago. 

Automated systems and machine learning can improve all forms of interaction, communication, and collaboration. They make it possible for fast and accurate data processes, personalization of digital services, targeted marketing, and building more efficient workflows. Smart technology will become more versatile and important in the years to come. 

Employees skilled in its use represent a valuable company asset. 

5. Change Management 

AI, social platforms, mobile technology, and networked smart devices (the Internet of Things) are major influencers in business innovation. As new improvements appear, the ability to integrate them into your business smoothly and effectively is important. How companies deal with change management is a vital factor in business growth and continuity. 

Getting the best value from digital transformation requires establishing and following a systemic process. Committees or officers for informed decision making on technical options are crucial. They'll be responsible for ensuring management support, workforce acceptance, necessary training, and monitoring the entire process to reduce problems and make improvements. 

Employees looking to add value to an organization should be familiar with and supportive of these efforts. 

6. Data Analytics 

Every company, no matter how small, collects data on suppliers, finances, and customers. This can amount to a huge volume of information over time as operations expand. As digital transformation takes place, machine-generated information is growing at 10x the rate of non-digital data.

Each company's overall dataset will also be unique. It forms a valuable asset used to discover trends and patterns, predict outcomes, and build efficiency. Data analysis and timely reporting tools are essential to the process. 

Understanding the value of data and the ability to draw analyses from it is a great advantage to every company or team leader.

7. Cloud Computing 

Cloud-based technology has proven itself to be a critical growth factor. The ability to log into online applications and services saves companies the expense of buying and maintaining software and hardware needed to support these applications in-house. You can pick and choose which software solutions you want and pay by budget-able monthly or per-license plans so there are no surprises. 

The accessibility of cloud computing is also one of the major benefits. Solutions such as file sharing and synchronized updates support better collaboration with off-site or after-hours coworkers. Building remote teams to add to your operations can also lower cost and administrative needs. 

The most promising employees will be comfortable working in a digital environment. 

Digital transformation is reshaping the way that business operates. Effective transformation provides a better customer experience, faster delivery, and improved value in any business function. 

How has digital transformation affected your business?


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