6 Time Tested Email Marketing Strategy for Your Business

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As a businessman why do you even need to learn email marketing strategy or strategies? Aren't email just emails? Why do you need to change the way you compose your newsletters? Didn't we all learn how to compose letters when we were in our lower years?

Well, friendly letters and formal letters are very different. And selling something via an email is different from telling your friend that you're going on vacation.

Emails and newsletters need to be crafted in a way that you recipients become engaged and interested in what you have to offer or say.

Making an email that's read can be hard. That's why we've presented you with six strategies that successful email marketers have used to get their readers to click and listen to what they've got to say.

6 Time-Tested Strategies

1. Use the “Your Name” Approach

Personalizing your emails to fit your client's interests and reading preferences is one way to gain their clicks. Without clicks, your marketing automation is a complete waste of time. Why? Because it defeats your main purpose of getting them to click and read your email.

How can you personalize your emails?

There are many ways you can craft an email that is intended, or created to imply that it's made solely for your reader.

Address them directly - use templates to customize your email greetings. This boosts the chance of your email getting read by your customers. Calling them out by their first name catches their attention, in the same way, that a person who calls out your name in the street garners yours.

When you start your email by saying "Hey Bobby!" or "Hey Suzanne", instead of the usual "Hello subscriber", or worst "To whom it may concern", you capture their interest because you make them feel that you are directly talking to them.

And make them feel that the newsletter or email you sent, is made specifically for them, even if it's not.

Mention their interests - Including things they like, for example, the recent items they browsed on your site. This takes personalization to a new level. You make them feel important because you took the pain and effort to search out what they like, and what they genuinely care about.

2. Focus on Event Proximity

When you schedule your events makes sure that it's near enough for your target audience to reach it conveniently. Convenience is often overlooked, but it plays a big deal in making decisions. Take a look at this situation for example.

If you ran out of vegetable oil and you decide to go out and buy some. You have two choices, one buy a pricey oil from the store three meters away from your house. Or, ride a bus to buy cheap oil from the mall. When you apply the logic of convenience here, naturally, you'll be willing to spend a little more for a product that you can buy near your house that rides a bus, buy one from a mall.

The same goes for your event or offer, sending newsletters to your target audience who lives near the venue will gather more participants, than targeting people who live twenty, or thirty kilometres away.

When it comes to giving out discount and sales as well, people don't like the hassle of having to open multiple tabs to redeem or use their "so-called" rewards. Having a convenient button to click, embedded within your email will encourage them to click, and engage with your email marketing campaign.

3. Join the Mobile Phone Age

Messages sent to a mobile phone have a greater chance of being read than those sent to an email. Why? Because in this age of smartphones, everyone who wants to do business will have a mobile phone with them. When you send an email to the usual route of the sender to receiver’s email, then to the receiver, the chance of your email being read depends on when your prospect opens his or her computer. Messages sent to a mobile phone, don't have a long wait time similar to that of laptops or personal computers since 80% of mobile users make checking their phones a priority.

Daily updates and newsletters sent to mobile phones will be read and reach a far greater audience than traditional email marketing. Once you’ve engaged your target audience, you can then proceed to use drip email marketing, and encourage them to buy your products or services. Since mobile users are actively using their gadgets, as much as four hours a day, your chances of guiding them farther down the sales funnel through CRM increases.

Selling to a person you're always in contact with is easier, than convincing someone you hardly talk to. And talk here isn't just simply send an email and be done with it, it's a send and reply cycle, where the target interacts with you, reads your emails and avails of what you offer.

4. Experiment Before You Send

There is no perfect formula for getting your emails straight, just like the times it changes. What works before may not work now, so instead of sticking to what you've read is the "in". Try experimenting on your own and see what works for your brand.

Try using long headlines or try using short headlines. Test each one out and see which fits your target audience. Infusionsoft CRM, like other CRM tools out there, allows you to do split testing and try out which headlines work. Experimenting with words to see which produces more interest triggered emails, will help you craft personalized emails that are moulded to your target persona.

CRM is broadened by the different types of people you can find in the country's setting. Experimenting and trying out which formulas work for your business, gives you accurate results that are tailored to your wants and needs and not those of a different company.

5. Know the Perfect Timing

Timing is everything especially for sending emails. Send your email at a wrong time, and you'll get fewer clicks and reads instead of more engagement. Knowing what time your target persona or audience is free, is crucial in making sure that they see, they read, and they avail of your offers. Send it the wrong time, and your email will be buried under newer emails that they'll probably receive after you send yours.

Also, sending emails on their phone when they're doing something important will annoy them, and you'll lose that golden opportunity to get their attention. Think of businessmen, for example. You're a businessman, how would you react to an email you receive in your phone, while you're in a very important meeting with an investor? Or how about this, you're presenting a crucial report to your team, when a notification pops out from a brand you subscribed to a week ago. Doesn't it make you want to unsubscribe?

Aside from knowing a perfect time, considering the day and date is also important. Sending newsletters during national holidays doesn't sound appealing if you're the one receiving the email. You want to relax and enjoy what free time you have. And receiving promotional emails during work days can also be annoying. You want to browse and read when you have the time, and the mindset to do so, and that is usually during the weekends (if you're a businessman that is).

6. Open Up The Freebies!

Lastly, one great way to get your reader's attention is by giving them freebies. And no! freebies in the form of freaking PDF docs, don't make the cut. People want tangible stuff, like discounts to your store, or a coupon, not an ebook that they'll just forget after reading it once.

You need to think like your clients or prospective clients, by asking yourself, "If it were me, would this freebie matter?". Now, we're not telling you to give a freebie everytime you send an email. But what we do suggest, is giving them something worth their time, and one that will spark their interest when it comes to your brand.


Your ultimate goal in sending your emails is to get your prospects and target audience to read it. Using different approaches and going all out with customizing your emails just to reach that goal can be hard. But the benefits you'll get like a new customer and increased sales, in the long run, can't be taken for granted. Using six tested and proven strategies will help you go beyond drip email marketing and into adding new customers to your CRM system.

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