5 Mistakes to Avoid While Planning Email Marketing Campaign

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Email marketing is like a two-faced coin, it can boost your business or can create a poor experience in front of your prevailing/target audience. However, which side shall face up, is in your hand. A HubSpot report shared that 54% of surveyed marketers consider email marketing as their topmost priority for user engagement.

While there’s an entire industry trying to relish the best results with email marketing strategies, only a few are able to implement it flawlessly.

Wondering what’s restraining others

Experts often share the best email marketing strategies, however, you can’t simply apply one rule for every industry and campaign. It’s about better market understanding, targeted approach, proper time, etc.

Well, this might surprise you but a report shares that 11:00 AM EST has the highest click-through rate for the emails sent.

This was just an example based on facts and undoubtedly there’s a lot in the box. Considering this, I have here listed the top 5 mistakes which marketers often make while planning an email marketing campaign for their business.

Here’s our list:

1-    Unplanned sending: First things first. Never ever approach your users/mail list without any pre-planning. Having said this, I’d just like to focus on planning days and times of approaching your target audience. Keep your priority on special days that are directly linked to your niche. Besides these, you need to focus on days that are considered high-baggers. Once you have planned for these days in advance, you have more chances of generating leads and enhancing the conversion rates.

2-    Define your platform: There are numerous platforms to support you with mail campaigns. However, all that glitters is not gold. Never judge the proficiency or friendliness of your email marketing platform by looking at its budget. Remember, it’s the features you get not the price you give. Always, consider having in-depth analysis and study of specific characteristics and their usage by you. This decision also largely depends on what you need and expect from your email marketing campaign.

3-    Define your mail list: This is one of the basic requirements. You need to understand your target audience and ensure that people on your mailing list fall under the same category. Remember, email marketing isn’t about contacting/interacting with as many people as possible, instead it is about approaching only the people who are either your prevailing users or potential users. So, to ensure that your email marketing campaign reaches better benchmarks, prefer keeping your mail list precise.

4-    Avoid overhyped subject lines: Writing email headlines is an art. While a clickbait headline can have your email opened, but lack of better content inside will eventually help you redirect the users to your end purpose. An attractive subject line can indeed grab the attention but you also need to ensure that the content matches the same standards and grabs the attention of your target audience impeccably.

5-    Offer value to the customer: The last one for our today’s list here is about building an impression in front of your target audience. With your email campaign ensure giving them a value; a reason to be redirected to your landing page or your created event. Creating an expectation is a vital ingredient if you need to have more leads and conversions through your email marketing campaign.


Email marketing if implemented rightly can yield fruitful results for your business. The aforementioned points were just a few out of numerous other aspects which need to be taken care of. While many entrepreneurs try to accomplish this by themselves, there’s a good number who prefer hiring a web development solution company for the same. Do leave your reply in the comment section below.

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